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We took some of our historical genetics and bred them with some of the best in the business in our collaboration series.



Flowering Period:

8-9 weeks


Seed Type:


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Kens Comeback Cake Purple

The chunky resin covered thicc af Wedding Cake aka Pink Cookies aka TM#23... this cake selection was made by [3lbMrPribb] and been ran out many many many times... hit with the reversed pollen Grandpa Larry (Ken's Cut which is heavy GDP dominant of course) which strangely enough has multiple names also but when the GDP is this dom it can't be called anything else.


I like the timing and staggering of using the pollen fresh from the plant in the same room as the others. Frozen pollen is cool and sometimes I do that too it works great but as in this case there is something special about a legit collab and the whole reversal process, staggering and timings together it is like a plant synergy energy thing imo.


Dark purple hues, fat poly resin heads and sunset fade phenos with high 21st century evolving cannabis THC content. This was the bag appeal strain out the line I focused on and wanted to use in the box something that would compliment each other flavor wise. I knew crossing that Cake selection with Gramps would crush it, it was an easy choice.


Smoking it is like time traveling flavor wise for a bit yet maintaining the individuality of each parent. Easy to grow, not a finicky cake strain at all and Ken's Comeback Cake is one cake that focuses on flavor and bag appeal without tasting like all these same 2022 "exotica only". 

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Ken's Kenfection

A play on words which you'll see more of we promise... wanted to name it candy tropical biscuit dulce fruit pie carmelo cookie cake souffle ice cream pina breathe lmao. But Ken's Kenfection was saying it without saying it. It is a confection with sweet ingredients.


Oni Tropicandy was used (which doesn't smell like candy or tropical at all more like waking up sick in a motel 6 next to cat food and old pizza crust). But it is a BANGER ASS strain, very indica dominant and has cool phenos. We had a few phenos we focused on and the one used in this one wasn't the late stage dark death purple Dopesick B pheno either but the early purple sativa dom selection.


Kenfection is another simple to grow strain done in 8-9 week sativa dom cool phenos... a high THC strain that pretty much grows itself and has great qualities from both parents.

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GodSun's Royal Salsa

The final transformation of the Midwest strain known as Salsa #2 went super saiyan God mode into the Sun then into this box and onto the menu then into your garden.


Salsa is a PSGx bred flagship strain from 10yrs ago. Started with God Bud (PSGx got from his Colorado days 08-12) then crossed that with a male 1980's Mexican Red Hair from vintage painstaking heartbreaking G acid soaked work and a ton of other stuff on top to get the Salsa #2 into 2020's.


Royal Salsa is a flavor dancer changer all the way through spicy, lemon and anything with Salsa in it is tough af outside. Some premature redding of hairs can be expected and even pink here & there popping up which is more prominent in the Sexy Salsa than just Salsa #2 but there are "rosácea" phenos in here too.


This strain is symbolically in this box because of the journeys both strains took to make it here then into a Salsa fit for a God... or Grandaddy or Grandpa or GodSun or you even. If Ken Estes approves it, then I could care less what anyone else ever thinks of it... it is an interesting flavor cross you won't forget.

Buy them at Prairie State Genetix


GodSun's Royal Sex & Salsa


Land of Lincoln #11

Velvet Soul Kiss


Ken's Purple Pillbox

Ken's Clockwork Purple

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