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Ken Estes

Ken Estes is a cultivator and celebrated breeder. He is best known for developing the Granddaddy Purple strain, but he also has a number of clinics throughout the State of California. Ken was turned on to the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis after being paralyzed from the waist down in a motorcycle accident.

When Estes was first finding success as a grower, he made $30,000 off one deal. Around the same time, a Native American friend of his was on the brink of losing his home to foreclosure if he didn’t come up with $29,000 practically overnight.


Estes recalled how he listened to God and to his heart, and decided to give his friend the money. Two days later, the friend introduced Estes to a Native American medicine man who gave him a plant like no other he’d seen before. This plant was what would become the Grand Daddy Purp strain. And the rest is history.

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